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I was fortunate enough to meet Patrick Moraz in December 1992, when he performed a solo concert here in Orlando with the Michael Franklin Band backing him up, doing selections from his solo albums. Never thought I'd hear his highly complex music performed live, let alone get to meet him, hang out with him in the studio, have meals with him, etc.! He's quite the character, certainly one-of-a-kind, and my association with him has only reinforced my respect for his playing, compositional and improvisational capabilities. Since then, I've gotten together with him several times, including photographing the recording of his "Windows of Time" album on solo grand piano at Full Sail Studios in Winter Park, Florida, in 1994.

Windows of Time Album

Patrick's "Windows of Time" Album Cover.

I invited Patrick Moraz to perform one of his solo piano concerts at Wedgefield Country Club in Orlando on April 10, 1995, where he performed as part of his first Coming Home to American Tour (C.H.A.T.). We had about 50 people who attended, and Patrick played and talked for over 3 hours! Once he gets going, he's hard to stop!

Moraz standing by piano

Moraz signing at piano

Patrick telling a story by the piano,
during the concert.

Patrick signing autographs for fans.


MSG and Moraz

Patrick and I, after the concert.

Patrick is currently recording several projects at my friend Joe Rivers'
Audio Playground Studio and Synthesizer Museum

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For a listing of Moraz-related videos, audios and photographs, along with other
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