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I met and photographed Alan Parsons and his band during their concert at the Bob Carr Theater in Orlando on August 30, 1995. The opening act was Kansas. Alan Parsons was coming into town for that concert, and was going to do an interview at a local radio station before the show. A friend of mine is a DJ at the sister station in the same building, and he invited me to come there and meet him at the interview, where I was able to take some photographs and get some autographs. Alan proved to be very nice, soft-spoken and self-effacing, not to mention, tall!

I had front row seats for the show, and my friend also got me aftershow passes. There I met the rest of the band, and saw Alan again after the show. While that was breaking up, I figured that the band was staying at the hotel across the street from the concert hall, as it was the closest and most obvious place. So I went over there and got a table sitting just outside of the lobby bar. Sure enough, in about 15 minutes, the band members started drifting over from the hall and saw me sitting there. Recognizing me, they all sat with me, until we had about 3 or 4 tables filled up. So talked with Alan and Ian and Richard Cottle and Andrew Powell for a couple of hours, having a few drinks. Alan went on up to his room. At that point, Richard (who was on his next to last night on tour with the guys, as he was returning home after the tour, and their last stop was in Ft. Lauderdale the next night) spied a grand piano in the lobby and said, "Let's play!". So I started playing and he was singing. This was about 1am in the morning! Well, the hotel manager promptly came over and asked us to stop playing, which we did. However, a little while later the road manager, who at that point was feeling no pain, decided he would start playing the piano, with Richard egging him on. Well, the hotel manager came out really steamed, and he and the road manager got into an argument. At this point, I figured it was a good time to hit the road myself! It was quite an evening!


MSG and Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons playing Guitar

Alan and I at the radio station.

Alan playing guitar on stage, and
singing back-up.



Parsons under spotlights Parsons playing recorder

Alan under the spotlights, and playing the recorder.


Chatting the crowd up between songs.


Alan Parsons Band

The whole band.


Colored Line


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