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As mentioned on my home page, I'm a big fan of the Prisoner TV series,
first shown during 1967 in England, and in 1968 in the U.S.

After vaguely remembering seeing it as a kid (everyone remembers Rover, the "big white balloon!), I got reacquainted with the series when it aired on PBS in the 80's (narrated by Harlan Ellison) and then later on video. The Prisoner was conceived, partially written, produced and starred Patrick McGoohan. During my October 1988 North England / Wales / Scotland trip, I stayed at and photographed Portmeirion, Wales ("The Village"), where the Prisoner TV series exterior locations were originally filmed. This is quite an unusual and magical place to visit or stay at for the night if you're in the area, even if you're not a Prisoner fan. The eclectic nature of the Italianate 'village' is the legacy of Sir William Clough-Ellis. His daughter is responsible for the development of world-renowned Portmeirion pottery, which is fired in the area and sold at "The Village" (and domestically at Gayfers and Burdines department stores!). Pictures of Portmeirion that I took while there are shown below.


Six of One Store

Overview of Portmeirion

In front of the Six of One Store

Overview of Portmeirion.



Bell Tower

Statute at Portmeirion

Standing in the bell tower.

Statute at Portmeirion.


In addition to the Prisoner, Avengers, Saint and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV series on DVD, I have various other Prisoner and Portmeirion,
Avengers, Saint and Hitchhiker's Guide books and information, including:

MSG & Patrick Macnee

Me and Patrick Macnee, 1995.

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