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I've been involved with electronic music, synthesizers and keyboards since 1974,
when I saw Emerson, Lake and Palmer in concert at the University of Alabama.
I played lead jazz trumpet in the UofA Jazz Ensemble while there,
and for years before that, but taught myself on keyboards from that point on.

MSG with Emerson Hammond/Moog

"Warming up" Keith Emerson's setup, January 1974 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Being involved with synthesizers during those early days was very interesting,
and I went through a lot of equipment even then!
Below is a photo of my setup with 12 keyboards on stage during a
band-playing interval in 1978.


Doing the "Emerson ribbon controller bit" in a club, back in 1978.



A few years back, I had the opportunity to acquire an ex-Mike Pinder
Mellotron / Novatron Mk. V
(one of two that he had at that time, and one of the 29 Novatron Mk.V's made!) -

MSG with Mellotron

 I recently sold this instrument to a collector in Italy - sorry to see it go,
but he made me an offer I couldn't refuse!

Mike autographed the instrument for me in Orlando, November 1995, during a
dinner sponsored by Higher and Higher magazine -
quite the gentleman, with great things to say.



For the comprehensive Mellotron site, refer to Dave Kean's Mellotron Home Page.

My own studio is shown here: Village Studios

I am also looking for the following equipment to add to the studios.

Please Email me if you have anything listed or know where it might be available. Thanks!

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