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The Yorkshire Dales

All Creatures Great and Small

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While visiting North England in October 1988, I spent several days in James Herriot's Yorkshire, where "All Creatures Great and Small" was written by Alf Wight (a.k.a. James Herriott) and later filmed as BBC and A&E TV series. Unfortunately, I missed meeting him at his surgery at that time, as his family was on holiday, and he has since passed away, in 1995. The Yorkshire Dales provide beautiful countryside with very friendly people, much as he described it and as shown in the series. The pictures below show a bit of that countryside that we passed through.


'Darrowby' Vet Clinic

The recreated Farnon / Herriot Surgery, now located in Richmond, Yorkshire.


BBC's Version of Skeldale House

BBC's version of "Skeldale House" in Askrigg.


Aysgarth Falls Waterfall

Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire.


Revieaux Abbey

Revieaux Abbey (in the fog).


Yorkshire Dales

James Herriot's favorite view across the Dales.


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