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I am retired, formerly an Information Technology Consultant (see my Resume) running Village Consulting LLC.
Engineering & Programming types will enjoy Scott Adams' "Dilbert Zone".

I'm 63 and am married to my first love Shelley, reunited together after many years apart. We have 1 cat and a dog - pet fans should get a chuckle out of the Darby Conley's comic GET FUZZY.
I'm originally from Orlando, Florida (graduated from W.R. Boone H.S. in 1972), and went to the University of Alabama from 1972 to 1975.
I played lead trumpet in the UofA Jazz Ensemble during the years I was there, graduated as a Physics major and was in the Computer Honors Scholarship program.


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My major pastime is music - I'm primarily a keyboard player with a great interest in the older analog synthesizers (including modular synths) and keyboards, plus a background in jazz trumpet, and a would-be guitar, bass and percussion player.

This page describes my current studio setup(s) , with pictures showing how some of it is currently arranged (though it changes frequently!). The accompanying pictures show my old Mellotron Mk. V (which I sold 20 years ago) which was originally Mike Pinder's from the Moody Blues ("The Promise" album), and me "warming up" Keith Emerson's Hammond organ and Moog modular synthesizer in January 1974 before their concert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (see story).

Currently, I'm working on original compositions.
To answer the requests, here's a piece of music did for a video game called Stealth Reaper.
It was performed mostly live, to a MIDI'd bass and drum track.
Press the piano button to play the MP3!

I have a large library of manuals and documentation for synthesizers, keyboards, music, audio and video equipment, that I can supply upon request.
The complete listing is at my "Manual Manor" page!

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My major keyboard-related influence has been Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I first saw them in January, 1974 during their Brain Salad Surgery Tour, when I took these photographs of them in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Most recently, I saw two of the summer 1996 shows during their tour with Jethro Tull, , where I had the opportunity to meet Keith, Greg and Carl. Some of the Jethro Tull photographs that I've taken over the years are shown on this page.

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In April 1995, during his C.H.A.T. (Coming Home to America) tour, Patrick Moraz played a solo piano concert at Wedgefield Country Club in Orlando, performing on my Yamaha G7 piano. It was a great evening enjoyed by about 50 people - I've included some of photographs from the concert.

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Alan Parsons PipeLine Logo

In August 1995, Alan Parsons and Kansas played in Orlando at the Bob Carr Theater. It was a well-done, high-energy show, and I had the opportunity to meet Alan and the rest of the band. I've included some photos of the concert from that night. Link here for further info on the Alan Parsons Project.

These music sites listed at my Hot List Reference Page will be of interest to fans of various progressive, rock, jazz and electronic music, and reflect some of my musical tastes as may be seen from my current CD listing.


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Besides making and listening to music, I'm an inveterate reader.

I also have interests in photography, astronomy, computers and video, music-related videos and laserdiscs, and especially British TV series such as The Avengers, The Saint, Rumpole of the Bailey, Fawlty Towers, and other various British situation comedies (Britcoms) such as the Good Neighbors, To the Manor Born, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, etc. Newer British shows worth catching are MI-5 and Hustle. There are also some American shows that I've followed, such as Wiseguy, Miami Vice, and Babylon 5. Currently,I enjoy The Amazing Race.  Further links to pages on these and many other video, movie and television related sites are included at this section of my Hot List Page.


Prisoner PennyFarthing Bicycle

My particular video favorite is The Prisoner TV series from the '60s with Patrick McGoohan as "No. 6". I travelled to Portmeirion, Wales in 1988 (where The Prisoner series was filmed) and took pictures of "The Village" while staying there overnight. For further information and discussion of "The Prisoner" TV series, you can participate in the alt.tv.prisoner newsgroup on the USENET, or read the FAQ, and check out a great site with many other links at Kip Teague's Prisoner Page. Fans of "The Prisoner" TV series would also probably enjoy the series "Nowhere Man" which had a short run on UPN a few years back and is available on DVD.

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All Creatures Great and Small

I have a great admiration and fondness for the veterinarian / author James Herriot's works, who wrote the "All Creatures Great and Small" series of books, and I spent some time during my 1988 UK trip in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales area, where he lived, worked and wrote. James Herriot (real name Alf Wight) passed away in 1995, and will be greatly missed - you can visit the James Herriot Home Page for further information and tributes to this well-loved writer.

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Thanks for taking the time to look over my web site.... I look forward to hearing from you - comments, questions, etc.

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Be Seeing You ...... (on the worldwide Village known as The Net!)

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