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Village Consulting LLC provides many services to the Aerospace Industry.

Village Consulting LLC is the US Stockist for Hurst-Green Plastics UK Ltd. TwinBins™ and associated racking to support them.

By providing a US presence for Hurst Green TwinBins™, we are able to work more closely with US-based clients.

Hurst Green Plastics fabricates and supports the TwinBin™ system to provide the finest inventory control system for aerospace, Just-in-Time, parts and supplies storage management. A short video animation of the Hurst Green TwinBin KanBan system is available here.

Up to 5000 TwinBins™ and accessories are available from stock here in the US - thereby greatly reducing overseas shipping lead times and costs.

The newest ordering solutions, TwinBin™ FlagBin technology, are also available through Village Consulting LLC. The FlagBin TwinBins™ are the state-of-the-art when it comes to updating order inventory in the fastest and simplest way possible. A short video animation of the Hurst Green FlagBin system is available here.

Village Consulting LLC also fabricates Racks designed to support the Hurst Green TwinBins™ - these racks are made in the US, and are available in both three-piece versions, or breakdownable portable versions, that can be knocked down for easier shipping.

We have supplied hundreds of racks and thousand of TwinBins™ and accessories for major aerospace companies throughout the US.

Additionally, we provide hand-held Palm Scanning solutions for JIT hardware environments.

Village Consulting looks forward to working with you directly in assessing your facility parts storage requirements and providing the TwinBin™ and Rack solution that fits your needs!


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